MQTT Device Type?

I’ve got a Node server that connects to my house alarm. By default it uses MQTT to publish events. I do already have an MQTT broker installed, but is there a way to somehow translate MQTT events to devices in SmartThings?

This way I can have all my motion sensors, door contacts etc in SmartThings and WebCore as individual devices.

You mean like a MQTT bridge?

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Unless I misunderstood. I thought those solutions turned Smartthings device events into mqtt events?

I need the reverse. An mqtt event to update a custom smartthing device

Mine does this, but it runs on Windows.

This is the official way going forward

The direct-to-cloud MQTT stuff is basically a broker in the cloud & it has specific requirements on messages. AFAIK, you’d need a bridge anyway to do broker <-> broker communication & to convert messages into ST capability events.

I’m not really familiar with what’s available to bridge an existing broker into ST.

Edit: a quick search turned up this which seems to have some amount of bi-directional communication. I’ve never used it, so no endorsement or anything, but it seems like it’s worth taking a look at.

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I use it and it is excellent. Highly reliable and stable even though it hasn’t been updated in a while. My only hope is that it will still be supported once Classic gets shut down.

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well, it looks like it’s not supported in the new app. did anyone find a way to get it to work again?
it’s not even visible in the smartapps page, and I can’t add new devices to it.

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yeap, I was following the instructions posted on the home assistant, just to realize I’m not able to add the smart app via the new smartthings apps :frowning: