Moving soon, should I take my stuff or leave it

So I will be moving soon (maybe). I was wondering what everything has done in the past when they moved locations. Did you just leave everything behind but take the hub?

If I was selling today I would talk to the real estate agent and see if it’s an actual selling point, I bought 2 years ago and didn’t see a house with any smart home features, but an agent could tell you the real scoop.

This has come up in other threads. One point that’s been brought up is if the house is advertised to buyers with the smart features, you could get into trouble if you pull everything out prior to the closing. Just FYI. I think whether it attracts buyers probably has a lot to do with your particular market so asking a real estate agent is a good idea.

It would depends on the setup.

If it was SmartThings, then i’d likely take it all with me. If I had a bigger HA system that was more integrated, i’d probably leave it

We just sold our house last year. I yanked everything before putting it on the market. I had an issue with potential owners seeing the cool automation, and then have to figure out how to transfer the smartthings hub/account to the new owners. I didn’t want that potential headache myself.

I will say, it was comical for a few weeks after I yanked everything. Everyone would be expecting automation to take place, and would be confused why stuff wasn’t turning on. It was especially funny watching family members going into our main bathroom and start flapping their arms around like a bird trying to get the motion sensors to turn on the lights.


Let’s face it, home automation, in its current incarnation (including ST), is a hobby.
You must have a VERY personal interest to do it, as it requires baby sitting all the time, and reliability is as flaky as an internet connection… I think you get my point.

I fully agree with what previous posters have said: Let your real estate agent know that it is currently installed & available for sale with the house. By the same token that it may attract the right kind of buyer, it may also push a buyer away… So make it known that you have all the original fixtures that you can put back in.

There is another thing to consider: if a house is sold with a DIY ST system (just as an eg.), if the system goes flaky, for whatever reason, are you as the seller liable? For how long. Does this need to be specifically mentioned in the contract?

If I were you, my gut says to return the house to stock & take your toys with you. Nothing becomes any cheaper with time, especially if said toys are fully functional.


24/7/365 Tech support, handled by you, the seller.

Just curious, what’s your definition of “more integrated” and “bigger”? A ST hub could be connected to multiple in-wall switches, window shades, a thermostat, etc. Those would be a PITA to remove. The size or integration doesn’t seem to be directly related to what kind of hub one uses.

I assumed he meant like an X10 type system.

I also assumed He was a He :slight_smile:

You would have to convey or not convey the Hardware. If you convey it stays if your don’t then you take it but can advertise the house with those features.

I think I will just take everything but the light switches. I don’t have that much in the house.

I went back and forth on this and my agent actually made it a selling point. He showed off smart features with Alexa and Nest as a added security feature. I ended up leaving the switches and motion sensors but I had it in the contract that I would be taking the hub with me.

Your exactly right in that you risk being support, I only moved a two doors down so this was a concern of mine.

Good luck in your move !