Moving advice hue lights


should I delete the lights on the hue hub before moving (they will be in different rooms) or just pack them as they are configured?

Just pack them as they are configured.

By “Hue Hub” do you mean the “Hue Bridge”? If so, it’s possible that you will need to run a discovery from the Hue bridge once they are in their new locations, but that won’t affect your SmartThings set up at all.

SmartThings talks to the bridge and the bridge talks to the bulbs. So ST itself doesn’t care where the bulbs are; it depends on the bridge to find them.

If the bridge can’t find them, you just use the Hue app and their discovery process. :sunglasses:


You can always rename them once they are in their new locations.

I would probably leave them connected, and one in the new place I would decide if I wanted to start over from scratch.


thank you!