Movie Time - ST and Harmony Hub

Hello all.

I am looking for an option where my ST will initiate a “movie time” scene. I have STv1 and a Harmony Hub. The Harmony controls my receiver and my TV. I would like to push a button on ST and it do a couple of different things:

1.) turn off certain lights outside since we are inside
2.) lock my doors
3.) Set the temperature
4.) turn on the receiver and TV and set to a certain activity

Right now I cannot integrate 1-3 and 4. They are still separate. The SmartApp wants to just allow Harmony to control certain things if it detects motion, or if we leave, or if there is an ST event basically or 1-3 have to happen first before 4 is initiated. This isn’t an event based trigger so I am having a problem integrating this idea.

Thoughts? Seems like there needs to be a custom app built.

I would attempt this using routines and virtual devices:

So for:

  1. Create a routine called “Moive Time” and have it turn on/off switches and plugs etc that you would like
  2. Same as above using that routine you just created to lock the door
  3. Same as above using that routine you just created to set the thermostat
  4. See this link to a comment I just posted on a different thread to trigger Harmony “Activities” in ST routines using a virtual switch. Harmony Home Control - #476 by huydnguyen

Ok I can follow you. This looks like a great option; however, I am stuck on trying to find a Momentary Button Tile creation option. Where do I find this within the app?

You need to do this in the IDE from your browser. See this post FAQ: Creating a virtual Device

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Ok perfect! I was able to create a switch for “Chromecast” and another for my “Sonos”. Then I set up the routines called Movie Time and Party Time and associated each one respectively. Seems to all line up. I greatly appreciate the review and the assistance.


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