Trying to make a "MOVIE TIME" action/automation with ST and Harmony

I have a harmony elite with hub. Before i got my SmartThings (ST), i had a Harmony activity called movie time that would switch the Samsung TV to PLEX, put the receiver on the right source and turn off the lights.

Now that i have an Amazon Echo and run all my lights with the ST, i have a “MOVIE LIGHTS” automation to leave on only the desired lights and dim them to my preference. But the problem is that now i cant ALSO have the Harmony activate the PLEX activity to switch the TV to PLEX and put the receiver on the right source.

Is there a way to combine the “MOVIE LIGHTS” automation from ST and “PLEX” activity from the Harmony in one Alexa command??

You might get quicker results and more help if you had asked in this thread.

I can’t answer this directly since I am just learning how to combine all these together. Thinking out loud could you have the plex automation trigger from your smarthings automation for the light?

If I understand the setup correctly there should be a button in your smartthings things list to trigger your plex automations. Possibly use that?

That’s what i need to check tonight. I don’t think i can see any of the Harmony activities from the ST app.

Like I said I haven’t used or played with this much, hopefully this weekend. I remember seeing my activities like watch TV on my things list. I can’t look right now since Internet is having problems today.
I have never tried to start an activity this way. So not 100% sure how it works.

This link I posted explains how to link all 3 together.
I know this can be done, I’ve read it on the forums before.

I think you can also add lights to your harmony activity, just can’t tell you how or yes for sure.

I have a similar automation…you have a couple of options. I would think easiest would be to have Alexa invoke an ST routine that covers all actions you need: Activate the switch for PLEX activity on Harmony & adjust lights according to your preference.

This assumes you already have Harmony linked in ST & have your Harmony activities listed as Switches.

I made it work. I had to use the Harmony to do most of the heavy lifting. So now the Harmony does all the lighting control and sets up the entertainment side. Works like a charm.