Z-wave motorized blinds for $49- campaign at Indiegogo

2 days left for the campaign

Here is a referral link:


“Delivery estimated March 2017.”

Until you can order it for two day delivery from Amazon, it’s all just marketing. I’d save your money until it’s actually available and you have some consumer protections if it doesn’t work and you want to return it.



It really depends on the level of risks you can take…

For me, I’ve been sponsoring a lot of campaigns, and I got a lot of stuff for half price and sometimes even better… To name a few:

  • Kuna (now sells $179/each, got 2 Kunas for $229 when they launched their Indiegogo campaign).
  • Smart Blinds (now sells $99/each and $40 /smart switch, got 4 smart Blinds and 2 smart Switches for $249 on Kickstarter)
  • Blink Cameras (now sells $99 /each, got 3 Blink Cameras for $169 on Kickstarter).

And, many others…

P.S. You have to do a minimum of research before doing some crowdfunding for sure.

@Alex get’s rich, we get 1st gen hardware. In this case 2nd gen hardware because they didn’t create the first gen with Z-wave. This is why I no longer do these…

Last Kickstarter I did was 2 years ago, still waiting on the product.


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