Motorized Shades: What should I buy? (2021)

I’m dipping my feet into motorized shades, but getting lost with how to go about this. SmartThings integration is very important to me, but with the ST imminent move to EDGE- I’m afraid I might buy something and then find out just a few months later, that I threw money in the trash. I think that means that I need to stay away from anything driven by custom device handlers. I’d prefer to stay away from Lutron because it’s 3-4 times the price of many others, and it seems the biggest benefit of Lutron is their whisper-quiet operation, which is not my biggest concern. What should I be considering, and what should I steer clear of? It seems like Somfy is a good arena to look at because it’s a good mixture of good performance, fair pricing, and ST integration… but there are so many options and I’m finding their “dealers” to not be very knowledgeable about ST. Also with Somfy, it would be expandable, in that they have the Somfy Clever device… the DIY motor addition for existing blinds, that motorized the tilt.

Very exasperating to go through this… can someone guide me a bit?