Motor controller that work with st

Hi everyone. Where can I find motor controller that pair with st hub ?

What kind of motor are you looking for?

Motor controller like the aeon Dsc14104.

Looks like that one is already working with ST.

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HaHa, yes it is. And, the code to control it is actually in Rule Machine, just not enabled or visible. This is a pretty good device, and it worked for me to control some motorized shades. I ran into an issue with some where I’d need two of these in one box, and that didn’t seem practical.

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I’m planning to use this to control exterior window blinds. When in “DOWN” mode the blinds decline, and slats are angled shut. When in “UP” mode, the slats open to horizontal and the blinds rise. So UP and DOWN is fine, as far as I’m concerned, but I’m wondering if there’s a handy way to play with the angle of the slats by pulsing UP or DOWN commands, say .25 or .5 seconds at a time? Is there any easy way to do this?