Motion Sensor Snooze?

(Avi Nannival) #1

First time posting in this forum so please excuse any ignorance on my part. That said, I was wondering if anyone has a way to snooze an automation via motion sensor for a set period of time. My use case is in one area of my basement where I have a motion sensor that automatically turns on my lights via lighting director and turns them off after set period. Relatively standard there. That said, this particular area is covering a “workout section” which also slightly bleeds into my theatre room. End result slight shifting on the couch will turn on lights when I’m watching a movie for instance. Was wondering if anyone has a work around for this. Hue labs seems to have something similar which I plan to try although I do believe it’s going to be restricted to hue sensor which I don’t have. As an FYI, I have about 121 devices controlled via smart things/home assistant on a raspberry pi. Along with a wall mounted iPad running smart/action tiles so I would like to consider myself a little more than a novice however this particular aspect I haven’t investigated till now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

I won’t hesitate to give the very common and yet non-guaranteed answer here…

Instead of using Smart Lighting, use CoRE. (It has it’s own Category on the Community!). I’m pretty sure folks there will come up with a Piston (rule) that can meet your requirement … or pretty close.

(Nice SmartTiles setup, BTW!).

(Jimmy) #3

yup, probably will come down to CoRE and either a virtual switch you turn on when watching a movie or some other way to indicate you are watching a movie (Harmony activity, pressure sensor under couch, etc)

(Robin) #4

The luxury of webCoRE is that we can now share pistons for others to quickly import and use. You got me thinking so I knocked up the following piston to use in my living room.

I’ve set it up to respond to two routines:

Routine 1 - Snooze: Each time you run this routine it will add a preset amount of time (default 30 minutes) to the snooze duration. Run the routine twice for a 60 minutes snooze etc.

Routine 2 - DeSnooze: This resets the snooze duration to 0 minutes.

You need to change the variables at the top of the piston:

motionSensor - click on this and change to your device(s), you can add multiple motion sensors for zoning.
lights - Add as many as you want in the one variable
snoozeDurationStepSize - How much time in minutes to snooze per snooze step (Default 30 minutes)
cumulativeSnoozeDuartion - Leave this blank, it will update when you run the snooze routine
lightsOnAfterMotion - Defines how long to keep light on after motion ends when not in snooze mode. (Default 5 minutes)

Motion will not respond during snooze time, so if the lights are on when you snooze it will stay on, and visa versa.

(Avi Nannival) #5

Thank you !! Will give this a shot !! Greatly appreciated !