Motion sensor recommendation for cold weather barn use (usb powered)


I read the following article:

And watched this video:

Both are very useful but I’m wondering if there’s more up to date products which could help me…

I’m looking for a motion sensor that I can use inside a barn, given we’re in Michigan it can get cold during the winter and I’m finding battery life to be an issue. The sensor will be protected from the elements and ideally would be powered by USB (have electric in the barn). Range up to 40 feet would be ideal but less is also OK.

Curious if people have thoughts/recommendations on a decent device that I could use. Right now I’m aware of these:

GE Enbrighten


I’d be grateful for other suggestions?


Zooz (sold via @TheSmartestHouse) has two zwave plus motion sensors available that can use usb power:

ZSE29 (outdoor motion sensor):


Thanks Tony, do you like the Zooz devices?

I am using an older version on the GE motion sensor (battery) outdoor on a porch in Las Vegas were it gets cold and hot. I have not had any issues with it. And also use the same motion sensor plugged in indoors.

I have a cheap xiaomi motion sensor mounted outside above a garage door for nearly 2 winters now. Battery still showing 90%+.

Thanks For the feedback on both the GE and Xiaomi devices; I’ll take a closer look at these.

Do you have something like this:

Xiaomi Aqara

Yes. I have 9 of these.

Wow - that’s a lot, how is the range?

Range is fine. I use 5 to trigger lighting and the external one triggers dogs barking on Alexa when someone passes my drive.

Thanks Somebody. I have one ordered on Amazon :-). Do you have any experience with the door and window sensors longevity in cold weather?

I do have the Xiaomi door/window sensors as well and they’re all showing 90%+ battery.

I have the Aqara motion sensor and door sensor, the weather is certainly a little warmer but so far these are looking like really great devices. I installed the custom handler code and used the joining instructions found on YouTube.

Thank you for the tip :-).