Motion sensor detects motion, but does not execute routines since today, wtf?

I have a motion sensor that detects motion in the smartthings app just fine. Clicking it, going to routines, i see the routines attached to when motion is detected, which is simply to turn other zigbee lamps on. They do not turn on today…Clicking the “test” button makes the lights go on, though. Also manually turning on the lamps works.
But the routine will not execute.

It works for months until today. Any idea what’s going on? Perhaps some weird update was pushed?

brand/model of the motion sensor? is it still using a DTH or has it been migrated to an Edge Driver? You can use the community developed tool to check: API Browser+. simply locate your device, tap on Details and take a screenshot of that Details section. Might as well check your zigbee lamps as well.

I believe the answer to your question will be - we don’t have an answer for you. Or my far out response if any of the devices got migrated to Edge Drivers… reboot the hub :slight_smile:

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