Motion Sensor/ Alexa / Echo device call-to-call

Motion Sensor awakens Alexa, she says a “Please take a seat, we will be right with you” and then Alexa sends a notification to another Alexa device notifying that there is a person here.

I know this is possible, but how??

Alexa doesn’t (currently) take instruction from other devices. I think you could do this pretty easily with a couple of Fabriq or other TTS-capable speakers, or even two Aeotec doorbell speakers loaded up with a pre-recorded MP3 of the audio you want to play.

I was looking into integrating Alexa and SmartThings. There is this SmartApp called Big Talker and some people in the community mentioned that an “event” can be set to have a sonos speaker or something of that nature announce a scripted phrase.

I want Alexa to act a receptionist without having to have my guest to awaken her.

Big Talker or Lannouncer work with other connected speakers. I mentioned Fabriq as a particularly affordable option (~$50 for the small model Alexa only responds when spoken to and cannot be triggered by events (someone please correct me if the Announce capability that was mentioned in another thread can now be used for this?). The other way to do what you want is to set up the Echo as a bluetooth output speaker for a tablet or other device - but at that point there’s no particular reason to have an Echo over any other Bluetooth device (you don’t need your guests to ask about the weather or play music by voice, right?). See here for more discussion. Alexa doorbell announcement

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As @MarkTr mentioned, Big talker and similar smartapps work with speakers which can handle “text to speech” (TTS) commands. At the present time echo will not accept these commands. Sonos will, as will multiple other brands/models.

So it’s possible with SmartThings, but not yet with Alexa.

If you really need Alexa capabilities in that particular room, you could try the Sonos One, Which is a Sonos with Alexa built-in. It doesn’t have all of the same capabilities as a regular echo, but it does have most of them.

Do all Alexa commands work through Sonos One?
Most Alexa commands and skills are supported. However, some features are not available: Voice calling, drop-in and messaging; Setting reminders and getting notifications; Playing audiobooks (coming soon).

So with that model, you should be able to use the Sonos features for the text to speech and then the regular Alexa features for whatever Alexa activities you wanted. (Although note the limitations above, you can’t use it as an intercom if that matters.)

Note that it is only this particular model that has both capabilities, not the Sonos Play:1.

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how did you know this is possible?

No one is supposed to know yet.