Motion Detector with Hue

(Mszatny) #1

Looking to have a motion detector activate a Hue bulb for a few seconds and then turn off. Seems I can get bulb to turn on…but it won’t go off. Any suggestions?

(Dbmet) #2

Do you want it to turn off when motion stops?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #3

Install the “Notify me with Hue” app in SmartApps->SmartThings Labs.

(Mszatny) #4

This looks exactly what I want…Does this “Light Turn on Motion” SmartApp work with Hue bulbs?

(Mszatny) #5

Yes, I am trying to use the “Notify me with Hue” SmartApp…maybe I just need to fiddle with settings. It just seems very unpredictable in its operation

(Dbmet) #6

Yes I’m using it with 6 different hue bulbs in different areas of the house

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #7

Yeah I have found limiting the time between messages to approximately the same time as the bulb duration is a good thing.

(Acastal) #8

Try “The Flasher” app. That is what I use.

(Idlemind) #9

I use this too… is there a way to trigger different scenes with different actions? I seem to only be able to turn on bulbs, with whatever color they were last.