Motion Detector with Hue

Looking to have a motion detector activate a Hue bulb for a few seconds and then turn off. Seems I can get bulb to turn on…but it won’t go off. Any suggestions?

Do you want it to turn off when motion stops?

Install the “Notify me with Hue” app in SmartApps->SmartThings Labs.

This looks exactly what I want…Does this “Light Turn on Motion” SmartApp work with Hue bulbs?

Yes, I am trying to use the “Notify me with Hue” SmartApp…maybe I just need to fiddle with settings. It just seems very unpredictable in its operation

Yes I’m using it with 6 different hue bulbs in different areas of the house

Yeah I have found limiting the time between messages to approximately the same time as the bulb duration is a good thing.

Try “The Flasher” app. That is what I use.

I use this too… is there a way to trigger different scenes with different actions? I seem to only be able to turn on bulbs, with whatever color they were last.