Most secure IP Camera solution

After several years I’m getting back into ST dev again and was looking for some of the latest IP based cameras. I bought the Samsung SmartCam Pro awhile ago but really hated the way it was obtrusive in that if you used their web interface you needed to provide you’re router password so I’m looking for a new one.

I have an old Foscam which probably still works and see that a lot of people are going with the Amcrest now (old US Foscam). It looks like there’s a a serious security flaw ( ) in that it looks like it has a built in backdoor.

I’m looking for an IP camera that is actually secure in that it has it’s not married to some type of cloud service. Do these even exist anymore? Is the best solution some type of Arduino or android micro PC and a usb camera? Will port forwarding, VPN, and using a DNS service make it secure enough?


I am not an IT so chances are I am probably doing it wrong but here is what I am doing.
I still do have some foscam and Hikvision cams and block them from internet access with the router and using OpenVPN server/client to access my cameras with blue iris.


Thanks for the info. I need to hook up my old Foscam again and setup the whole Core thing but with all these security bugs lately with these cameras it really makes me wonder about how “secure” these cameras really are and to what extent they phone home and/or manufacturers have full access to their products without us knowing.

I wouldn’t be particularly worried about the “manufacturers”, as they are least likely to have any malicious intentions. At worst, the manufacturers remote access info or methods might then be the target of bad hackers.

The problem with any hysteria over camera security is that manufacturers tend to overreact and completely lock them down to proprietary cloud access only.

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Here is my solution to IP Cam Security.

  1. I have an older Foscam 19821W wireless camera with SD card, inside my home. I only want the camera ON for AWAY, ON VACATION, or NIGHT modes.
  2. I use Foscam motion notifications via email with snapshots. I do not use my Smartthings sensors for camera operation.
  3. I use Tinycam Pro app for remote live viewing. I use the actual WAN IP address in the camera settings. I use Mr IP utility in my PC to advise me via email whenever the WAN IP changes. (NO dynamic DNS)
  4. I use SHM to manage my Smartthings security.
  5. My “key component” is a GE smart outlet. I have a power strip plugged into the GE outlet. The strip is used to power ON my Foscam camera and Strobe Siren Alarm. SHM determines when to activate the GE smart outlet. The power strip also has a dim led light to indicate when the system is Armed at night.
  6. Intrusion - My approach is to send email alerts with snapshots, record to the SD card, turn on all inside & outside lights, turn on the strobe & loud alarm, receive notifications from SHM regarding sensor intrusions.
  7. The ST app gives me total control over all devices including the GE smart switch and SHM state.
  8. I keep a AEON Minimote at my bedside for Good Morning, Good Night, and Standby overrides…as well as lighting ON/Off.
  9. This method keeps me somewhat independent from ST, excellent live viewing when away, and complete flexibility on camera choice for the future. I do not need cloud storage and do not require vast storage for video. The approach uses standard features with no “addons” to ST. It is also cost free for daily operation.

Thanks, that sounds pretty cool. I a NAS I need to setup so that will probably be the central “hub” for the video stuff.

I started with a NAS, but have since decided to simplify my setup.

Not sure if this is a good idea to expose an old camera to the world or am I missing something? I think I have one of this camera laying around and the last firmware update was 2013.

It is password protected.
I suppose I will get a newer camera at some point. Thanks.

good point

I bought the Samsung SmartCam Pro awhile ago but really hated the way it was obtrusive in that if you used their web interface you needed to provide you’re router password so I’m looking for a new one.

Ive never got the web interface to work. Having said that I send my Smartcam feeds to BI and use my BI feed or app to see all the streams. Its works better and faster than the Native Samsung app. Ive never had to expose my routers password in that process.

sorry but what is “BI”? I’ve been really out of the ST platform dev for a several years. I know “Business Intelligence” but pretty sure that’s not what you meant. Thanks.

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