Monoprice Z-Wave Switch - how to determine what zwave routing it is Using?

I have connected Monoprice Z-Wave switch to smartthings hub. How can I find if August smart lock pro 3rd generation is actually connected to the hub via Monoprice repeater or it connects straight to the hub?
Thank you

Unfortunately, Samsung does not give us as customers any network mapping utilities. :disappointed_relieved:

You can contact support and ask them if they can check it for you. Or if you want to go to a lot more trouble you can buy an extra device that does have mapping utilities and use that. But that’s a lot of time and money and effort if you just have this one question.

Here’s the FAQ on using a different device:

FAQ: Is there a way to see the Zwave mesh network map?

Hey @vzoran, feel free to shoot me a PM with the email address associated with your account and I can share how this device is routing with you!

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