Monoprice Dual Relay

I have a two Moniprice Dual Relays installed at least 3 years ago. I used the justintime code. For some reason when I turned the main power off, the relays stopped working. The app shows the device as turning off/on but the device (light bulb) doesn’t actually turn on.

I’m sure there is a solution, I just couldn’t find it on search. Thanks

If the mains are turned off, won’t the relays not have any power to operate?

They were turned back on in a few minutes. Everything else was working fine except for the relays.

Can you control it manually?

Yes I can. I also see the virtual switch turn on and off.

Did you connect to the neutral? I know it’s a basic question…

I can turn the switch on/off manually so the bulbs are fine. I will double check on the clicking when I get home.

Nope. Can’t control in ST. I can’t hear the audible clicks either that I used to. So it’s something with the relay module. First step would be to remove it and the virtual switches and reinstall.

Now, if I can only remember how to as it was 3 years ago :smile:

Sorry to get a bit off topic but you screen shot shows power monitoring. Is that for the monoprice module? I would love to have that.