Monoprice Dual Relay


I have a two Moniprice Dual Relays installed at least 3 years ago. I used the justintime code. For some reason when I turned the main power off, the relays stopped working. The app shows the device as turning off/on but the device (light bulb) doesn’t actually turn on.

I’m sure there is a solution, I just couldn’t find it on search. Thanks

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If the mains are turned off, won’t the relays not have any power to operate?


They were turned back on in a few minutes. Everything else was working fine except for the relays.

(Ray) #4

Can you control it manually?


Yes I can. I also see the virtual switch turn on and off.

(Keith Croshaw) #6

Did you connect to the neutral? I know it’s a basic question…

(Ray) #7

Possible the bulbs burned out. It’s definitely strange that you can see the virtual device status with operating the physical switches so my guess is the light bulb or the relay inside the module.
Do you hear the relay clicking when turning on/off?


I can turn the switch on/off manually so the bulbs are fine. I will double check on the clicking when I get home.

(Ray) #9

Ah, my mistake. I thought you couldn’t turn the light on with physical either. In this cause. Just remove/reinstall the dual relay smartapps. One last question, can you control the dual relay device in ST? Not the virtual switches.


Nope. Can’t control in ST. I can’t hear the audible clicks either that I used to. So it’s something with the relay module. First step would be to remove it and the virtual switches and reinstall.

Now, if I can only remember how to as it was 3 years ago :smile: