Monoprice 11990 Dual Relay Wiring Help

Does anyone have a picture of their wiring for the Monoprice 11990 Dual Relay? I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Basic install here; no 3-way or anything. Currently the switch looks like:

Source (black)->Bottom of switch
Black (to light)->Top of switch
Neutrals tied together in the box


Are you using it as single or dual? (I only have personal experience with the single).

Do you have the latest user manual (sometimes the web version is more up to date)?

Are you putting it in the switch or at the light?

Going to use the dual to control 2 lights (both just 2-way), but I would take help with just a single


At the switch.

I basically have it figured out, but what confuses me is the diagram showing the Load going to the Neutral. It appears my load is on the Black wire, and the Neutral is just tied through. So, will it work not using the Neutral for the Load? I will have Live and Neutral into the Relay.

Hope this makes sense.

It makes more sense with a diagram; … and I caution that the diagram included in the package may not be the correct diagram.

I got it, just like I figured. I will try to put together a little diagram in the next couple days to help others out. This relay with the Device/SmartApp others put together work great!

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Okay, so I took some time to put together a better wiring diagram for anyone else that is confused/needs help. Hopefully this will be useful. Please let me know if you have any comments/questions.


Do you have v1 or v2 Hub? Have you had any successes with the 11990 fully functional with ST?

V2 Hub

Definitely. I have added three of them now, using Justintime’s code, found here:

Follow his instructions in the Readme when you go to the Github repository, and you will be set. They work great.

Discussion can be found here:

Thank you for this. I tried putting one in , but the more I looked at the manual that came with it the more I got confused.
Follow up question: I have a box with two switched, but two separate Hots from the panel (Live). Is there a way to wire a module with two hots, but do they HAVE to be from one source? I assume from your diagram two sources are a no go, but thought I would ask.

Not possible with 2 hots on one dual relay module. You will create a direct short circuit.

That’s what I figured.

Kudos for this wiring diagram! I was able to use this and the dual relay worked perfectly.

How about a link to this item?