Monoprice 10761 Multizone Audio and iTach IP2SL

(Dan) #1

I have a Monoprice (PID 10761) 6-zone multizone whole house audio system (and love it). I am able to control it via iOS app through an iTach IP2SL serial bridge and this app (, so I know IP control is possible. I’ve seen a few posts talking about this integration, but it all seems way too complicated, so I’m starting a new thread to see if anyone wants to solve this please? Would be so great to control zones on/off and volume via the SmartThings app (and automate). Thanks in advance for any help/advice!



I don’t mind getting into the weeds, but I need a place to read about what all of these instructions mean. They all start out like we should know things beginners don’t yet know.

From what I gather, we need to install an app and can customize from there. Whether that’s right or not, are there any tutorials that will show step x step the background work and some custom examples to get control of the amp through iTach from ST?