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Monoprice 10761 Multizone Audio and iTach IP2SL

(Dan) #1

I have a Monoprice (PID 10761) 6-zone multizone whole house audio system (and love it). I am able to control it via iOS app through an iTach IP2SL serial bridge and this app (, so I know IP control is possible. I’ve seen a few posts talking about this integration, but it all seems way too complicated, so I’m starting a new thread to see if anyone wants to solve this please? Would be so great to control zones on/off and volume via the SmartThings app (and automate). Thanks in advance for any help/advice!



I don’t mind getting into the weeds, but I need a place to read about what all of these instructions mean. They all start out like we should know things beginners don’t yet know.

From what I gather, we need to install an app and can customize from there. Whether that’s right or not, are there any tutorials that will show step x step the background work and some custom examples to get control of the amp through iTach from ST?

(Keaton Hoskins) #3

@randper I have been searching for a “better” solution to integrate, it seems I am not the only person out there that is looking to do the same. I love the Monoprice system and it is the cherry on top to my ST home.

I have watched @Nate_Hales video setup and review, scoured over thread about comparing Control4 and ST for home audio in which @pstuart and @tgauchat had some great discussion.

I too made a post recently in which I wanted to find a way to integrate my #actiontiles setup to allow for controlling my audio configuration with iTunes and Amazon echo.

I have also found another smart audiophile who has made his own app for android (which I am using btw) to control the monoprice system. Here is his app too

I would really like to get some of the awesome brains here in this community together and figure out how to get this done. I know that @RBoy has been making device integrations for #monoprice and is the official listed developer on their site for compatibility with ST. Here’s hoping he could help us…

( - Make your home your butler!) #4

Sounds interesting. Seeing that the IP2SL uses in part UDP communications, it would be nice if ST fixed their UDP communications first. They introduced a bug in the platform last year which is causing responses from devices to be stripped out so it’s broken communications with many devices (at last count we have developed Apps/DTH’s for Cameras, Audio Receivers, Wifi locks and various other UPnP devices all of which we can’t finish or release because of this platform bug).

Interestingly, there is a patch for it but for some reason ST can’t seem to prioritize deploying it. Frustrating!! Maybe if enough folks push for it they may prioritize fixing it (basic communications).