ST wishlist

  1. Battery level indicator for every device tile on dashboard. Coming from Vera edge which has a little battery level attached to each icon.

  2. When opening each thing that has some data logged, like temperature. Add a data history plot… The data is there in the “Recently” tab, so why not plot it…

  3. Better Native apps and/or handlers for devices. Need to rely to much on the community to get any usable apps for devices like Aeotec multisensor 6, locks, generic cameras, Arduino, etc…

  4. Ability to better organize dashboard, resize for more in same view… Option to view gauge instead of simple number.

  5. A web browser dashboard without needing webcore or other… could mirror the App.

  6. Navigating the app is a bit confusing at first, must be better way see whats assigned to a device or scene

This comes up time and time again, and you’re welcome to wish for anything you want; but, with plenty of respect for totally reasonable wishes; you’re much more likely to get what you want if you drop the constraint “without needing webcore or other…”.

ActionTiles (at an affordable $23.99 per SmartThings Hub - i.e., unlimited tablets, phones, browsers) solves:
:arrow_right: #1 done!
:arrow_right: #4 done, but No “gauge” support yet; but it is on our internal idea list - thanks for reinforcing the idea!
:arrow_right: #5 done,

With enough support from the market (i.e., Customers), we will have incentive to work on #2, and with cooperative efforts with webCoRE or other “open API” automation engines, we can work on #6.

Ironically, #3 is one of the areas that SmartThings is putting the most effort in, as far as I know. Their Device Certification group is heavily resourced and ST prides themselves on the number of Things that are integrated (and the diversity of vendors they integrate with, etc.).

To contribute to the Ideas & Discussion Topics for ActionTiles visit:


I like the extensibility. No one company can be the best at everything.

Add ActionTiles, webCore and Initialstate and it’s perfect. I have a lot of fun with my system.


The way I see it is the beauty of Smartthings is the community development and support. Yes there is more time involved, but services like Webcore and ActionTiles have made this much easier. Webcore especially gives you so much power I know I would be hard pressed to find something I could not automate with it.

The more automation the less you should even need to access the smartapp is the way I see it.

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This is definitely true; but just a small correction @raidflex:

  • You mean “access the SmartThings mobile App”.
  • A “smartapp” (SmartApp) is not the UI … it is a routine or other automation program that runs in the SmartThings Cloud.


Yes this is correct. :upside_down_face:

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