Monitoring a sump pump with vibration detection

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Did anyone figure out if there is a tweak to the Samsung Multipurpose Sensor to increase its sensitivity to vibration? Or perhaps there is an alternative sensor I can get that is much more sensitive?

I am trying to use it to monitor when my sump pump runs. I have the sensor taped to the PVC pipe coming out of the sump pump. This pipe shakes slightly each time the pump runs. It only triggers about 75% of the time though. I’ve tried moving the sensor higher/lower on the pipe to see where the vibration could be stronger, but the results are about the same.

I realize this would be MUCH better tracked by using a power monitoring plug on the sump pump that would sense each time the pump ran. For sure that would solve the issue. However I am paranoid that if the smart plug was to go bad, or turn off someone, that the pump would not run. Although the chances of that are slim, I can’t take any chances as the risk of monitoring the pump then outweighs the benefit.

Any ideas? Thanks!

MultiSense Vibration Sensitivity
(Eric) #2

.1. my ST gen2 multisensor acceleration triggers for seemingly nothing. I’ll send one of mine for $15. It has the tendancy to stop reporting battery somewhere less than 77%. Then it stops reporting temperature 1-2-3 months later. I don’t think you want to use it for monitoring something critical.

.2. If your power plug module fails, then it would probably stop reporting, right? No updates in the last X hours, that is your cue to look at it. There are apps and core/webcore to manage that.

.3. I’ve had one plug module fail slightly in the past 2.5 years - a dimmable plug, would flicker. It kept switching correctly tho.

.4. The “SmartPower Outlet” default devicetype reports 0.1w resolution, may report 5 times a minute, unless the load is very constant - noisy, obnoxious logging.

.5. The Aeon plugs set as “Z-Wave Metering Switch” default devicetype reports 1w resolution, every 5 minutes. This is the one I would use for a important load.

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Same experience here with the ST gen2 sensor…it triggers for vibration for no reason. I was trying to use it as a doorbell sensor with it sitting directly on top of the doorbell cover…it triggered randomly, but rarely triggered when the actual doorbell rang.

I am also curious on the sump monitoring. I can’t really hear my sump upstairs and I know if it fails, I will take water within 60 minutes during big storms.

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Perhaps you’d want to consider a backup “hi water” alarm? Perhaps a flood sensor with the probe above normal sump hi-water line that would warn you before water reaches the top of the sump hole?

Been there, cleaned up several times in a prior home. Good luck!

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I put my ST multi v2 inside the doorbell and stuck it to the solenoid mount. works every time.

I have a ST multi v1 on my sump and it is very sensitive. I have the magnet side taped to the pipe and then I just let the magnetism secure the unit side to the magnet side. Not sure you could do that with a v2 due to the shape.

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I think mine is a v2 - but you gave me an idea… I have mine taped so that the BACK of the sensor is flush with the pipe. I wonder if it would be more sensitive and therefore work better if I taped the SIDE of the sensor to the pipe (IOW mount it 90 degrees from how I have it mounted now). And there is a magnet side vs non-magnetic? Didn’t realize that. So are you thinking that for best results I should tape it so the magnetic side is flush with the pipe?