SmartSense Multi Sensor Question

I recently purchased two SmartSense Multi Sensors and I know they register vibration and thought I read/heard about someone who used their Sonos to play a dogs barking file when someone knocked on their door. I am interested in doing two things with them, glass break detector (sliding glass door) and to determine how often my sump pump runs. I saw a sump pump app on someone’s github and added it to my SmartApps but when I tried to install the app it looks like it is not complete. So ultimately how can I alert based on vibration using the multi sensor? I’m sure I can use them for other things but I would like to use them for the reasons I purchased them for. Any thoughts/ideas, points in the right direction would be appreciated.

It looks like the sump pump app was added three times to ‘My Apps’ section but I cannot remove them. I saw them in the IDE but I cannot find how to remove them that way either. anyone know how I can get those removed?



The best sump pump app for people who expect their sump pump to run occasionally but want to know if it runs 2 times in X minutes is this one by @tslagle13

for the dogs you just need the sonos connect and sonos control apps.

To remove an app from the ide you should be able to go into the IDE ( ) > My Locations > smartapps > Edit > Scroll down to the sump pump instances that you do not want > Uninstall