MonitorAutomaticCar smartapp

Hello, today I created a smartapp that uses MyAutomatic Device for monitoring trip events and Speeding and Events scores (based on calculated values by Automatic’s algorigthm)

Typical Use Case: Parents may want to closely monitor their kids’ car driving abilities.

The smartapp can detect any speeding, hard acceleration, hard brakes events after a trip has been completed and alerts parents of bad driving behaviors.

Parents may want to set a minimum Speeding Score or Events Score and if the kids’ scores go below these thresholds, the parents will be notified ASAP.

The monitoring could be even more tight during the wet/snow season. Based on weatherStation, it can automatically switch to a monitoring cycle interval in minutes instead of hours when it’s raining or snowing outside…

See my MonitorAutomaticCar smartapp at

See my thread about the Automatic-SmartThings integration here:


P.S. I haven’t tested all event scenarios yet, but the foundation is working fine.

Neat, I guess I should find where I put my Automatic. Having it integrate with SmartThings suddenly makes it more appealing.

Is your app/device type written for the 1st or 2nd generation Automatic, or does it work for both? I have the 1st generation from the Kickstarter, I never got the 2nd generation one as I didn’t use the first very much.

@noname4444, my smartapp will work for both, as long as you have authenticated to the Automatic developer portal.