Automatic to Smartthings - Anyone familiar with this?

Found this looking for a way to get my Automatic Pro and it looks like it may be a scaled down alternative to the “Automatic Connected Car- Integration with SmartThings” paid device type / smart app by yvesracine. Just thought I’d see if anyone had any experience with it, or could give me the pros/cons of each?


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I havent seen this yet - so thanks for sharing!!!

I’ve been hacking things together with WebCore and IFTTT but this looks a lot slicker - will have to play tonight after work :wink:

I’ve never used this integration but I may have a look at it as an alternative to what I’m using. Contrary to what you may hear from some around here, battery voltage and fuel level are available in their API so I am certain those fields work in this integration too. I wouldn’t worry too much about delay going through AWS. I’ve had using an Automatic Pro integrated with ST for quite some time. I’ve found across the board, the average delay is close to a minute. The delay is consistent in both the ST SmartApp as well as the Automatic Pro iOS app.

I’ve actually gotten by pretty well simply using the IFTTT integration (especially geo-fencing and starting within a geo-fence) in conjunction with virtual switches with the Automatic Pro units to do things.

Its really useful to start the heating or cooling process in my house when I’m leaving work or returning to an area.

I find it to work quite reliably and moderately quickly.

Wish there was a generic OBD reader + Dash DT that I can use. I didn’t see the need for a $100+ automatic device when dash and my $20 work so well.

If anyone gets this working - please let me know - having a hell of a time getting the lambda bits configured to allow comms with Automatic/ST :frowning: