Monitor my hard wired windows sensors

Hello guys!

Can you help me how to solve this:

I am building my house, all the sensors to the doors/windows are hard wired, because i will have professional security system.

However, i want to monitor all my windows with smartthings because i want to put them into actiontiles.

So my question is:
How can i monitor all my windows with the current hard wired sensors and use my current security system too?

I dont want battery solution, because i dont want to change all the batteries on my 15pcs windows.


There are many posts in this community on alarm panel integration. Search for your brand of panel to see results. Konnected is also another option too.

At my previous house, which had a wired alarm system, I used the ecolink sensors that allow you to connect and external contact. I never used the ADT system , but I attached one of the sensors in the link below to each zone I wanted to monitor, and they worked well for me.

Thanks for your reply, but as far as i know if i use the konnected system, i will no longer to use my alarm system.
Am i right?

But they are battery operated, so i still need to change the batteries time to time, right?

Also, is there a way to connect this and use together with the alarm system?

Konnected came out with an interface option that allows you to tap into your existing panel:

I personally have a Vista 20P panel and use an AlarmDecoder that acts as another keypad on my monitored system.

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I use the envisalink v4 with my Honeywell vista 128 panel and use this Vista App which also requires node server.
[RELEASE] Honeywell / Ademco Vista 20P Integration
Your window sensors are more then likely in series in one to three zones, so you will only be able to monitor the zones. I did replacement windows which destroyed my hardwiring so I ended up with Honeywell wireless battery powered sensors which gives me integration per window.

Then I use WebCore to control my Thermostats, turning off AC/heat when windows are open, and more…

Yeah I missed the no battery solution part, so yes these are battery powered.

I don’t see why they couldn’t be tied in parallel with your security system zone. I used this in place of the security system. I guess the only advantage would be less batteries to change, as you would only need one per zone as opposed to one per door or window.

Thank you!
This is the solution, i am goong to order it!
Thank you!


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Konnected just piggybacks your hardwired zones and doesn’t allow arm/disarm etc

Honeywell Security App:

I attached the contact switches with batteries (mentioned above) to my my existing alarm system’s door and window contact in the control box, 4 years ago. My batteries are at 80% still. You may have to change out the battery once a decade. Using battery operated sensors are not a hassle at all.