Monetize using Samsung Smartthings


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Can we monetize by building apps or solutions on top of Samsung SmartThings platform. For example SmartRules ( is being sold for 6.99$ in the apple app store.


There’s no official channel for monetizing independent development work at this time.

There’s nothing to prevent you from doing exactly what smartrules or sharptools did, and developing your own iOS app or android app and selling that through those stores.

So it’s more like the Philips Hues at this point. If you can create something of value, you can offer it through the OS app stores like any other app. But there’s no direct channel.

Or you can do like smarttiles, set up your own install website, and ask for PayPal contributions.


@JDRoberts Can we build solutions like writing custom handlers on top of SmartThings Platform to integrate different devices and provide as a complete automation solution in other countries?


I would think if you focused on zigbee, using the Zigbee Home Automation profile, you probably could theoretically, but I don’t know if you could monetize it–as soon as it was published, the code becomes visible. Unless you sold service contracts to go with it.

Then you have the import problem–it may not be legal to sell the hub to all countries, particularly since zwave frequencies vary by region.

If you’re asking about any official arrangement, you’d need to talk to someone who works for SmartThings.


Thanks @JDRoberts I am looking more into the EU version of the Hub with legally supported countries for Z-Wave frequency. I will discuss with someone from ST.


EU would definitely solve the zwave issue. :sunglasses:

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@JDRoberts Thanks for your answer.