Custom software integration


is it possible to integrate the SmartThings into a custom app or can I only go through the samsung app and add automations?


It might be helpful to these guys if you explain what you are trying to achieve.

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I want to be able to make my own app that connects to the smartthings hub, so instead going thorugh the mobile samsung app and the samsung cloud I just want to hook up the hub and control the devices.

so basically I was looking for the sdk(c++?) to do my own thing rather than the smartapps ide and marketplace

With ST the majority of stuff runs in the cloud so that’s unavoidable. I’ll leave it to the community to give you some pointers.

I can understand that, by with the smart apps I’m forced to run them from the samsung app

If you’re using an iPhone you can run routines from the today page negating the need to load the app.

I find that useful for opening the garage door or changing the mode to night (which kills all my lights).

That might help, not sure if the same if possible from Android or Windows.

the point is I don’t want to run the samsung app :] I need to develop my own custom software and run it on a PC.

Look into SmartTiles and IFTTT both for the front end and back end pieces.

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Hi Andrea…

What you are asking is possible with significant constraints and limitations.

First read the SmartThings Developer Documentation (particularly the section I link below)…
Then come back here or Private Message me for consulting services.

I had a quick look and it seems everything must go through the samsung cloud services, I still didn’t find a way to connect directly to the samsung hub(the physical box).

The more I read about the SmartThings system and the more I think the use of the word “open” all over the website is an overstatement, the system looks completely locked down and the apis simply allow you to build services for samsung to run on the samsung app. It’s also unclear how this would work without an internet connection.

am I missing something or this is just the way it is?

You aren’t missing anything, essentially.

SmartThings is certainly only the “open spectrum”, but as I said… significant constraints and limitations.