Momentary switch - return to central positon

(Daniel) #1

Hey all,

I’m looking for some “standard” looking momentary light switches that return to a central position. I intend to use with a relays, such that when toggled either to the traditional “off” or “on” position it just toggles the state of the relay.

I seem to be struggling to find a faceplate with a switch that returns to the central position - I prefer the asthetics of this.

Any ideas?



Fibaro 2 Dimmer (212 not 211)
(Roy) #2

How about these? I’m not sure if there is a specific DTH for them though.

(Daniel) #3

Thanks for the reply, it’s just the faceplate/physical switch I’m after. I already have fibaro relays.



There are quite a few brands of these, they are often called a “retractive” switch. ( I understand you’re asking just for the switch, not for the radio module, which would likely be an inwall micro such as Qubino or Fibaro).

The varilight power grid line has quite a few options that look like a regular rocker but are in fact a momentary switch and rest in the central position. They come in a variety of finishes and matching faceplates.

(Daniel) #5

Thanks JD. What I’m struggling with is finding a replacement for a box standard UK light switch so it’s just a swap out of an existing switch like this …




The varilight will do that, The switch part fits into the faceplate in a grid system. Did you look at the manufacturer site I linked to?

So if you want a double gang in the varilight “power grid” line , you get two of the retractive switches and put them in this face plate:

Again, they come in a bunch of different finishes from plain white to polished gold.

(Robin) #7

Up until recently, screwfix were stocking a wide range of retractive options but I just checked and they have gone back to limited options again.

I’m a big fan of the Retro-Touch switches, I have them throughout my UK home connected to Fibaros.

(cjcharles) #8

Some Varilight Retractive switches are still stocked by Screwfix…

Agree that they are a good value retractive switch, though Im still struggling to get used to them (I bought metallic ones) as the button press is quite hard…

(Frazer Webb) #9

I’ve gone for the ones from screwfix too. But now I need some normally closed ones (push to break) for my rooms with smart bulbs

(Robin) #10

Smart bulbs should not be controlled that way, they need constant power.

The regular in-rush of power every time you toggle the power will damage the bulb circuitry.

(Frazer Webb) #11

I didn’t realise that. So best option is to get a remote switch to operate them. Any ideas on ones available in the UK @RobinWinbourne. I only really need one to use in my hallway and one in the kids room.

(Robin) #12

Sorry… I avoid smart bulbs like the plague and really don’t know what’s available.

@JDRoberts is the best person to advise on that one… he’s the device guru!

(Frazer Webb) #13

Thankyou. I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of smart bulbs but there cheap and I can make do in several places. I just hope the UK get some affordable smartvswitches soon.

(Robin) #14

Affordable is in the eye of the beholder but I’m a huge Fibaro Dimmer 2 micro module fan… my whole house is rigged with them and I wouldn’t want anything else.

Even if someone brought out a zwave switch I’d stick with Fibaro as I get to choose my own face plates.

Admittedly the Fibaros aren’t cheap but if you’ve ever purchased from Vesternet in the past they’ll send you emails for Monday savings.


I think the most popular for this purpose are probably the popp/devolo battery operated ones. They look just like a regular UK switch, have a lot of different functions, and come in multiple finishes. You can also get matching mains powered ones if you have a neutral wire at the switchbox and also need something to control regular dumb lamps in some locations. There is a good community – created device type handler for them, so you can ask any follow-up questions in that thread as those people are using them.

There are some other options as well. The following thread has the full list of battery operated buttons and switches that work with SmartThings. Each entry is marked US, UK, or both. :sunglasses:

In all of these cases, the switch will send a message to the hub and then the hub will send a message to the smart bulbs. So you can have a single press control a group of lights if you want.

One lamp to controll others
(Frazer Webb) #16

@RobinWinbourne I too have fibaro dimmer 2’s installed in various locations they are really good devices I might try vesternet I purchased mine from Amazon because I’m impatient and wanted them next day.

(Frazer Webb) #17

Thankyou @JDRoberts I’ll take a look at those I really like idea of the hard wired ones I’m lucky I wired neutrals at all my switches when I wired my house so they sound perfect. Never been a fan of anything being battery operated if I can avoid it.


Since you have neutrals at the switchbox you can use any of the certified Z wave switches which are not labeled as “scene controllers” (although “central scene controllers” Will probably work with SmartThings, but will likely need custom code).

Sorry, I know that’s technical and confusing, but just ask about any individual model in the forums and someone will be able to help you figure out whether it will work with SmartThings.

Meanwhile, depending on your exact wiring, you might be able to use the following hardwired dual switch. You would use one switch as normal for your existing nonnetworked device, and hopefully use the other switch with the load tied off as a virtual control of your smart bulbs. What type of configuration is allowed in the US, I just don’t know for sure if it is allowed in the UK.