Moisture sensor as a humidity sensor linked to a plug for a dehumidifier

I would like to use the samsung moisture sensor to when humidity gets higher than a preset level to trigger a plug cnnected to a dehumidifier so the sensor won’t get wet just need it to measure the humidity levels.

There’s a SmartApp out there called “Dry the Wetspot” that “turns switch on and off based on moisture sensor input”. It’s under “Safety & Security” in the marketplace.

EDIT: On second look, I think that one works with the water leak sensor. This should easily be doable with Rule Machine, though:

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Sorry so I can program an event or more so turn plug on at 40% humidity off at say 35% but what I don’t know is if the moisture sensor from samsung can and does report the humidity levels every 8 mins or what ever the update poll is.


Yes, you should be able to create that rule with Rule Machine.

I don’t have one of the SmartThings-branded humidity sensors, but if it’s anything like the temperature sensors, I’d imagine it reports each time the humidity changes and doesn’t require polling.

I just wanted to make sure that you are clear, the moisture sensor (renamed to Water Leak sensor) detects the water, not humidity.

If you have this sensor, it is used to detect the presence of pooling water from events such as broken pipes and flooding:!/packs/smartsense-moisture-sensor/
(This sensor is similar in functionality to the current Water Leak Sensor)

If you want to measure humidity levels, this is the sensor you would want:!/products/smartsense-temp-humidity-sensor

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Perfect thanks, so the temp and humidity sensor is what I actually want. Two questions.

  1. Will the american sensor linked above work with a UK hub?
    1.a. If so where can I get it in the UK?
  2. If not do they do a UK version?
    2.a. If no to both then what would be a good UK compatible sensor?

Thanks for you time.