Module for Ceiling Fans (UK/Singapore)

hi all, greetings from Singapore…

Like in the UK, we do not have neutrals in our switches.
Was wondering what type of module would you all suggest for ceiling fan control?
Am planning to install Fibaro dimmer 212 for my lights.
Would Fibaro 212 work for ceiling fan?

Appreciate your advice pls :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no–you cannot use any kind of a dimmer switch intended for lights to control a fan. Or any other motor. You will burn out the module or the fan motor or both. :disappointed_relieved:

There are some on/off modules that may work depending on the exact specifications of the fan. And there should be a neutral in the fan canopy, even though there isn’t one at the switchbox.

So I think you will be able to find something if you just want on/off, but it won’t be the Fibaro 212 dimmer.

Thankfully I didn’t try it, if not my fan would be burnt hehe

Would Qubino Z-Wave Flush Dimmer Plus ZMNHDD1 be a better choice?
I was told by a friend that this has a unique features that automatically select either trailing edge or PWM mode so that it can be used for either lighting or fans.