Mode... please help!

Ok this is driving me crazy… my “mode” seems to always be on Night… I can change it to home or away but then a few hours later it’ll go back to Night… I thought I’d sorted it by setting an automation that at 7am it’s set to home and 7pm it set to night, but it doesn’t work… someone please help as it’s driving me crazy

You may want to post screenshots of any automations you have that are controlling Mode.

Also, Mode can be controlled through either the Classic app or the new app so make sure you do not have something in either app trying to control Mode.

I’m using the “New” app… see screenshot of automations that aren’t working…

How were you controlling Mode before you started using the new app? Classic or webcore? If you were using those, you would need to disable anything you were previously using.

I wasn’t using anything as this is the first time I’ve setup SmartThings I’m a n00b sorry… is it best to have both apps? New & Classic? I was trying to do everything in the new app

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I am afraid I can only offer two bits of advice. 1) go through every automation you set up. 2) contact ST support and see if they can identify why it is switching to Night Mode.

Maybe someone else on the forum can jump in and offer assistance.

Found it!.. was under one of the old routines I’d setup and thought I’d deleted sorry!

But outta interest is it best to have both apps? Or try and do everything in one?

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best advice, focus on one app if you are happy with it. You can install both apps but …

  • the Classic app will eventually be phased out
  • simpler to focus on automations in only one app
  • problems if you try to use presence sensors in both
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Since the classic app will be going away eventually and you’re new, it’s best to do everything possible in the new app. Only go to the classic app if there’s a feature you must have and there’s no workaround in the new V3 app. :sunglasses:


I can’t see how in the new app to setup routines… unless I’m missing something which I probably am…
I want to setup a movie routine that turns on my Samsung tv and the lights behind the tv, seems easy in the classic app as I have just found out, but how do I do the same in the new app as I’d like to delete the classic app

There are no Routines in the new app, only Automations, scenes and smart lighting. Automations are basically the upgraded replacement for routines.