Modbus/Bacnet over IP?

Hi everyone,
I just bought a Smartthings hub and I am doing some tests, it is quite a cool box.
I’ll start using it just to do a few basic things at home, but what I am really interested on is the ongoing development, which might open doors to many more integration.

One that I was thinking about is the capability of reading devices connected over IP using Modbus or Bacnet. Do you think that will be feasible in the future?
I have a Tridium Jace I am playing with and it would be nice to have the possibility of pulling out some points that the Smartthings hub can access and integrate with the Home system.

What are your opinions on this?

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Nope. Not directly, anyway. SmartThings hub cannot interface over a TCP socket, only over HTTP. There’s a hack to send TCP packets, but you can’t receive anything back.

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Hi Ramses.
I have some of the same plans as you have. I want to connect my Smartthings home automation with my Trend IQ4 bacnet device.
So i just want to hear from you, if you have had luck connecting your Jace??
Best regards