Using Ethernet Port on SmartThings from a smartApp

Has anyone been able to utilize the ethernet port on the SmartThings hub from a SmartApp yet?

i.e. sending TCP/IP data to an IP address and Port. or sending UDP data to an IP address and Port.

This is useful for controlling Networked Lights, Networked Power Meters, Networked IR senders (for tv), Network based IR receivers (for tv remotes), Networked IP based video cameras, CBUS light switch ethernet adapter. Ethernet Window Sensors. actually nearly everything is networked via ethernet in the home automation world, now that I think about it.


+1 for this request. I would love this, and the SmartThings platform needs to enable this. I need to send and/or receive HTTP commands on my LAN from a SmartApp, and I really don’t want to open up and forward all these ports on my router to my internal LAN if it can be done via the SmartThings hub. E.g., I have a network camera on my local network that has an SDK. I can send it a command via HTTP get, and right now I have to open and forward a port on my WAN in order the SmartThings cloud to send the command to it. If it worked over my LAN, it would be much simpler to set up, it would require less technical know-how for end users, and from a security context, not opening up more ports to your local network would be much safer.

+1 for this. This would go a long way in integrating with devices on your network locally without exposing them to the internet just to get to them.

Snoopbuild - Have you created device handlers to handle your camera gets? I use Foscam Camera and would like to utilize this as well.

I also have Foscam IP cameras and I created a SmartApp that can control the tilt/pan. I have to open a port on my firewall, and the Foscam IP cam that I have only works via HTTP, so the user/pass in the querystring is being sent in plain text, which is a big security concern, and the main reaosn why I’d like to allow the SmartThings hub be the proxy for devices on my LAN. I tested it out in the IDE, and it’s pretty freakin’ sweet. It’s like my IP cam now has ears, can “hear” something, and turn around and grab it on camera.

Also, however, for some strange reason at the moment, the SmartApp only works in the IDE with virtual devices and not with my actual physical devices. At least, that was the state of things last week. Been too busy lately to try again. I ultimately tore down my firewall ports due to security concerns. (Don’t want people sniffing the wire and tapping into my cameras, you know?!)

I’m not that familiar with device handlers. Can you explain more about how that would work and/or show an example? And would this be the de facto standard for controlling devices on your LAN - via a device handler? If so, please do show and tell. I’d love to figure this out. (I did watch the Google Hangout. They discussed this a bit, but if a device handler somehow also solves the problem, I’d love to explore that option.)


Not sure where the timeline message is officially posted, but I recall reading that it is coming as a hub firmware update “very soon”.

I think that was an end-of-July-ish target …

I think end of August is still good probability.

@snoopbuild: If you want some ad-hoc one-one help exploring how to read and code Device Handlers, drop me a private message here by clicking on my profile name.


@snoopbuild - any chance you cold post your code? I’m in the middle of an ip camera project and it might help me solve an issue I’m struggling with. Thanks.

+1 for request