Mobile App stopped working

I woke up this morning and noticed nothing works now.

I tried changing the thermostat settings within the app and it just hangs.

I tried unlocking my door and it just hangs on “unlocking”.

I tried rebooting the hub with no success. Any ideas?

Same thing here. Everything stopped working last night. Can’t turn on/off lights, open locks, etc. Restarted the hub already but everything still shows as unavailable…Going to open a support ticket now.

mine just started working. Looks like the reboot through IDE didnt work.

I had to literally take out all the batteries and disconnect the power to reboot. After coming online, i then started to receive my text message alerts… but there was like a 10 min delay after coming online.

Let me know if that works for you? I really hope this doesn’t become a monthly thing. I’ve only owned my unit for a month now.