Mixed Bag Smart Set Up (2 Houses) - Help Please? (UK)

Good morning - first time poster here looking for help please. I have a mixed bag of a few different ‘smart’ items and for various reasons I have ended up with the following:

Hive Heating Home
Nest IQ Cam Outdoor Home
Various Smart Bulbs Home
Various Smart Plugs Home
Echo Dot Home

Next Heating Holiday Flat
Echo Dot Holiday Flat

I am also wanting to add the following:

External Camera x1 Holiday Flat
Couple of Smart Bulbs Holiday Flat (to turn on and off for security)
Leak Detection Holiday Flat
Smart Front Door Lock Holiday Flat

My objective is keeping an eye on the holiday flat remotely and not having to mess with keys if friends of family let it from us. My question is, is there any way to integrate all these things together or have I messed things up by having too much of a mixture of different brands and systems. Ideally I’d want to tailor alerts for the 2 different properties depending on the times etc. I have tried looking at IFTTT but the Next stuff doesn’t seem to work with this, I am far from an expert but I have a basic understanding of things so am happy to attempt if it’s possible.

Can anybody offer any advice please or should I bite the bullet and look to replacing some, obviously I would be keen to avoid this cost.

So you already have Smartthings hubs called “Flat” and “Home”, or are you trying to determine if Smartthings will help integrate these?

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What country are you in? The device selection and options do vary.

Also, The first rule of home automation always applies: “the model number matters.“ So it’s hard to say without knowing the specifics of the devices that you already have.

Thanks for the reply, no - ‘home’ and ‘flat’ are just where the devices are, they are in 2 different houses 100 miles or so apart and I want to try and find a way to integrate them all together.

Both houses are in the UK.

OK, unfortunately the nest camera doesn’t integrate with anything easily. Same with the NEXT heating. ( Does it have echo integration, that could help.) :disappointed_relieved:

We would need to know the brand and model numbers of the various plugs and bulbs to know what kind of integrations were possible.

Actually on Hubitat there is a beta integration using the new API by Google that can receive events from the camera even quicker than the app. Still can’t stream the video or grab stills, though, but it’s something.

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