Missing titles on dynamic pages

I just noticed that all titles are missing from dynamic pages. Is this a new problem? Or is it something new in 1.7.2?

As far as I can tell, this wipes out the titles of dynamic pages in every app that has one. Anyone else??

Look at Button Controller for example. No longer does it title which button you are setting up.

Is this in the iOS mobile app, or the IDE?

I believe something similar was reported as a bug in the most recent android mobile app upgrade.

Anyway, I would definitely report it to support@smartthings.com

In the iOS mobile app, V1.7.2. It’s been reported.

@Jim, @April, any update on this? This is a serious UI bug that affects many apps. Reported 25 days ago and no official acknowledgment still.

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ST support said they were aware of the bug, and that we should add a section at the top of each page to provide the missing page title info. Crappy work-around, hints that fixing this is low priority.

I wish they’d just stop breaking things. Every time a new version is out, it seems there’re two new bugs per every bug fixed. :frowning:

I encourage everyone to file a bug with support@smartthings.com to elevate this issue.


I can confirm there is a ticket filed for this issue and assigned to engineering. I realize that’s not super helpful, but it is part of the bug backlog so it’s not just an issue reported on the forum (and thus subject to being “lost” since it’s not part of the backlog).


@geko, some reported bugs have been in stasis for months. Whatever is the current state of things, take it as a given and work with it. It’s just easier this way.


I’ve been doing it from day one. Unfortunately, the “current state of things” is a fast moving target. Calling it a “state” is an overstatement. :smile:


If you move with the same relative speed, the target would appear still. Then you can debug the crap out of it.

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Are you suggesting we should stop reporting bugs now?

I have bug reporting “fatigue”. They rarely get acknowledged and I have no way of knowing if/when they are fixed. Bug tracking is badly needed.

Did you know that "$blah" evaluates to "blah" on a dynamic page if "blah" is undefined?

There, bug reported.


It sounds like you’re saying that bug reporting is like saying "blah blah blah". Close?

Yes, only the above is an actual bug.

This bug has been fixed. Titles once again appear on dynamic pages.