Mirror Smart Lock Codes for two Locations in one app? ( so you don’t have to set them separately for each location)

I have two separate offices that have Smartthings, but the staff will/can work between the two offices depending of it them want to work at one on a certain day and not the other.

Office A

  • Same Staff Can work here can work at Office B

Office B

  • Same Staff can work here cam work at Office A

Is it possible to manage the smart codes for both of them in one smartapp instead of having to duplicate the same codes for each location?

The short answer is no, because each smart lock stores the codes in its own firmware so that it will work even if the hub is down. So you have to manage each lock separately anyway. I know of some commercial building systems that could do this, but they don’t work with smartthings.

@rboy Is an expert on locks and may know if there’s some method with smartthings that I’m not aware of.

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To add to what @JDRoberts said, each hub has its own set of apps installed and currently one app can only connect to one hub so if the two locks are on different hubs one SmartApp cannot directly control locks on two separate hubs (you can use a special API app below).

If you’re using an app like Lock User Management (LUM), you will need to manually synchronize the codes entered into the app to keep the two hubs in sync. However if BOTH locks are connected to the same hub (e.g. two offices on the same floor connected to a single hub), then you can add both locks to the same app and it’ll synchronize the codes across both the locks. Once ST supports multiple hubs per location and apps, the LUM app will be updated to support that feature.

For now if you have two separate hubs, the way to synchronize the codes across multiple locations is to have a REST API integration using Lock Manager API. Most commercial organizations are using this app to synchronize users remotely for their rental properties and offices located geographically in different locations/hubs.

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