Minimote running locally?

I’ve seen some people saying the minimote does run locally and other people saying that it doesn’t work for them. I can’t test it because I can’t physically use a minimote. But we do have one that my housemate uses.

It occurs to me that maybe the issue is the code associated with the minimote button. Like, maybe it runs locally if it’s referenced from smartlights, but not from the “button controller” Smartapp.

I understand it wouldn’t run locally if it was using a custom smartapp.

Does anyone know the particulars?


I am not sure I understand your question, but to run locally it must have the stock handler and the action of pushing/holding the button to come from Smart Lighting (and the devices it operates to be eligible to run locally, too)

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The default DTH will run locally with SmartApps that run locally, but the only SmartApp I’m aware of that runs locally is Smart Lighting.

I have a Smart Lighting rule tied to a minimote button and it still worked after unplugging the network cable.

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Correct, a device can’t run locally unless it’s using a default device handler, but not all default device handlers can run locally.

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