Local Execution with Aeon Minimote

Can anyone confirm that they have the Aeon Minimote working with local execution -not just showing “Local” in the Device List, but actually able to control another local device such as a light bulb, with the Ethernet cable unplugged from the hub?

My MiniMote shows as ‘Local’, but when you look at the ‘Child’ buttons they all show as ‘Cloud’. I’ve tried changing the device type for the buttons to every other button type available, which does then cause the button to show as ‘Local’, but they still will not turn the GE Link bulbs on or off without internet connectivity. I’ve deleted and re-added the MiniMote, but the child buttons always show as running in the Cloud. I have a SmartSense Open/Closed sensor that does work to control the lights without network connectivity. Anyone know of any other brand of multi-button remote that actually works locally?

Aeon MiniMote:

Child Button:


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