MIMOlite Install on Heat & Glo Fireplace

I’ve got a Heat & Glo fireplace with a separate pair of wires that run to a Smart-Stat-II remote system. I’m thinking I could unplug the remote box wires and then run the wires into the FortrezZ MIMOlite Dry Contact Bridge and then use ST to control the fireplace instead of the remote.

Has anyone done anything like that and could provide steps on how to get it set up? What connections would I use on the relay and then I presume I’d need to set up a device handler (which I’m hoping I can just copy/paste some of the code from this board) and go from there, but I need some initial direction.


Following up I was able to get this set up successfully for anyone interested in replacing their Smart-Stat-II remote with the MIMOlite relay. Here’s how I did it:

  • I pulled apart the 2 blade disconnects on the smart-stat-ii remote box that connect to the electronic control.
  • I purchased some wire to run between the relay box and the remote wire disconnects (you don’t need a thick wire here - I believe 18 gauge is what I used. If you get it too thick it will be hard to get it in the terminal on the relay box)
  • I purchased blade disconnects (one male & one female) and crimped them on the ends of the wire I purchased (on my installation I needed roughly 2’ of wire for both connectors so I could put the relay box on the right side and reach the connectors on the left side of the fireplace)
  • I connected one wire to the common and the other wire to the normally closed (NC) relay. (Note it would work under either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) but if you use NO and the power goes out your fireplace will come on which probably isn’t your desired result!)
  • I connected each of the other ends to the blade disconnects of the remote wires.
  • I plugged in the relay box using the outlet under the firebox of the fireplace.
  • I added my relay to ST

The switch on the side of the fireplace continues to work manually. You lose the functionality of the smart-stat-ii remote such as using the thermostat for on/off or the timer but all we ever used the remote for was to turn it on and off so losing those features was not a concern.

New photo by Keith Paap