MIMOlite Input Capability

(Kas) #1

Like many others, I wish ST would support the multiple capabilities, both the output and input, of the MIMOlite. I am able to use the input, but then I cannot use the output (relay) to trigger anything.

My application: a hardwired security system in my home that is working well, has contacts wired to all doors, glass break detectors wired to all windows, motion sensors, and smoke/heat detectors. No need to replace what is working. What I wanted to do is A) control the arm/disarm function remotely, and B) detect if the system is armed/disarmed. The MIMOlite seemed like a perfect choice. My alarm panel has the capability to arm/disarm with a key switch - a momentary short across two contacts toggles the arming/disarming of the system. I don’t have the remote key switch, I just use that functionality to interface with the panel. The momentary contact function of the MIMOlite does this nicely and allows me to arm/disarm the system from ST.

But perhaps more important to me was detecting if the system is armed or disarmed. In conjunction with the remote key switch, the panel has two outputs (voltage) for two LEDs on the key switch, a red one for disarmed, a green one for armed. I can use one of these outputs as input to the MIMOlite to determine the status of the panel. I changed the device type of the MIMOlite to a Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor and using the LED output of the panel to the MIMOlite input, ST can determine the state of the system - armed or disarmed. With this info, I can change the ST mode to either home or away. I’m not sold on the idea of using presence sensors for mode changes. Too much chance of error if a presence device is left in the house by a family member. My wife is notorious for leaving her purse and keys at home when we leave together. Until I can implant a presence chip in her, I’ll have to rely on the alarm system.

The alarm system is the single most reliable way to determine if anyone is home or not. If the system is armed, no one is there. If it’s not armed, someone is there. With this I change ST modes to control lights, thermostat, etc. The down side is that I can’t remotely arm/disarm the system, but I don’t have as much need for that, but it would be nice. I had to write my own smart app to accomplish changing modes based on a contact sensor’s open/closed state because there wasn’t an existing one. I’m not a developer, but was able to hack my way through it in a day or so. I’ve looked at the device types thinking maybe I could write my own MIMOlite device type to combine capabilities, but that looks to be a bit over my head at this point.

If any ST peeps are reading, please write a device type that supports both capabilities of the MIMOlite. It seems to be very popular with your customers. I have two, the other is controlling my garage door. I’m not using the input on that one, but would love to have a contact sensor on the input of that MIMOlite to determine the open/closed status of the garage door.

(Kas) #2

FYI - JitJack provided a working MIMOlite device type (see link below). Now I can use both capabilities of the MIMOlite!


(Brian) #3

I have this code based on Jitjaks code for I/O