Arming Slomin's alarm with ST?

Hey guys using ST for lots of stuff around the house including 2 thermostats, garage door opener, 2 motion sensors, 3 lights, 3 doors and my front door lock. Everything works really well (the Schlage is a little buggy) but the one thing missing is the ability to arm and disarm my Slomin’s alarm. Just curious if anyone came up with anything to arm and disarm a burgler alarm. Thanks.

Yep, can arm/disarm from ST, or detect alarm state (armed/disarmed) with ST. It’s an Ademco Vista panel and I used a MIMOlite to interface it with ST.

Hmm, not sure why the embedded link isn’t working in my first response. Here’s the tread:

Hi @KAS - would you be able to provide any additional information on how to do this? I too have a slomins alarm system and have setup a MimoLite to control my garage (so I’m sort of familiar with the setup). The instructions for the garage opener were simple…configure power, wire inline with switch and you’re all done. Do you have information on what leads you connected, etc.? Any information that you could provide is most appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

@kasowers - I found out more specifics on my alarm. I have a GEM-P801 (Napco). I was able to find a manual for it, and it states the following:

Arming/Disarming with a Keyswitch
The system can be armed/disarmed by using a
momentary Keyswitch wired to Zone 6. Program
Keyfob/Keyswitch Chirp [23-4] for an audible
indication of system arming and disarming. To
convert keyswitch operation from Normally
Closed style to Normally Open, program [27-1]
Keyswitch Polarity.

Do you think this would work MIMOlite would work to accomplish that?

It’s the same principal as the garage door - the MIMOlite acts as a switch (doesn’t matter if it’s a keyswitch or a button). The alarm panel is just looking for a momentary closure of the switch. Remove the jumper on the MIMOlite to make the contact switch momentary. Wire the MIMOlite’s switch terminals to the contacts on the alarm panel (just like you did with your garage door opener). In ST configure the MIMOlite as a Zwave Virtual Momentary Switch. When you activate the MIMOlite in ST, it triggers the alarm panel to arm/disarm. I don’t have the same alarm panel so I can’t give you specifics on your panel, but based on the info you posted, it should work if you wire the MIMOlite switch contacts to zone 6.

I can also detect the state of my alarm panel (armed/disarmed) using the input on the MIMOlite and the output on the alarm panel for the keyswitch LEDs. Unfortunately, until someone writes a device type that uses both the capabilites of the MIMOlite, I can’t do both - only one or the other. I tried combining the device type code for the Zwave virtual momentary contact switch and the Zwave door/window contact, but got lots of errors and since I’m not a programmer, I don’t understand all the commandes in the device code and don’t have the time or patience to spend hours or days debugging.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need more info.

FYI - JitJack provided a working MIMOlite device type (see link below) that enables both capabilities of the MIMOlite. Now I can both monitor status (armed/disarmed) and change status (armed/disarmed) with ST and the MIMOlite.

The link: seems to be broken. It brings me back to the ST main forum page. I searched around and can’t find Jit.Jack’s MIMOlite driver. Anyone have it? I would really like to use both the I and O capability of MIMO.

Does anyone a Slomin’s home alarm system, know or know where I can find the installers code for my system?

Any help would be appreciated.

On Same boat… any one have tutorial or links how to bring Slomin’s to ST and what all devices i need to get the job done.

tried to look at the above shared links all saying not available or private viewing.

please help