MIMOlite Classic app vs new app support

Using the Fortrezz MIMOlite both the input and output are available in the classic app, but only the output is available using the new app.

I am very concerned with this long term, because if/when the new app replaces the classic app I am afraid i’ll loose this important function.

Am I rightfully concerned?


Depends on what DTH you’re using and if it’s been set up to properly work with the new app.

I have figured out the issue(s) that I am having with the MIMOlite are all device handler based.

The problem is that I’m not a programmer. I do not even know what language is used to write a new device handler.

Looking at Fortrezz’s documentation and spending a night with google as my friend it appears that Fortrezz published someone here’s device handler for the Mimolite to make it into a garage door opener.

I’m sure that is a wonderful device handler, but I just want to have the thing work with the new app, be able to read a voltage, and be able to toggle the relay otput.

Seems simple but I’m clueless how to even get started.

Anybody want to help write a device handler that will work?
How about ideas to get started?

I am really suprised the manufacturer has not done this, or be willing to do it. How do they expect to stay in business? Frustrating…


Do you know of any DTH’s for the momolite that are set up for the new app???

Can you post a link to the device handler you found?

Sure, here is the whole guide that shows where to go get the code.

Hi Kevin, none that I know of, but it’s actually not too difficult to change the code, but it may take some experimentation. There’s a separate discussion about that here:

It comes down to figuring out which mnmn and vid entries are required in the metadata definition for the DTH. To date though, I don’t believe I’ve seen any documentation about what those should be. It may be buried in that discussion somewhere, or in the related links.

I’m guessing the smartplug mnmn would work, but I don’t have one to test. All my energy monitoring plugs are zigbee and this one appears to be zWave.

Have you tried the built in Z-Wave Metering Switch device handler?

It’s kind of weird that this device displays voltage. Typically energy monitoring switches display usage in watts. I’m curious as to the use case.

The mimolite is not a standard energy monitoring switch. It’s a bridge between a nonnetworked device and the network. You can use it in a number of different ways. If you search the forum for it, you can see how other community members have used it, most typically to monitor a HVAC device or wired analog sensors. It is also used to drive a small DC motor in both forward and reverse, which can be useful for pump applications as well as things like curtain motors.

The MIMOlite module provides one input and one relay output (isolated dry contacts, NO-COM-NC) and is capable of Z-WaveTM input/output/control. The system includes a program switch for Z-WaveTM inclusion/exclusion and an LED for various status indications.
Input SIG1 is an analog input, internally pulled-up to the MIMOlite supply voltage. The system allows trigger conditions to be set based on the input voltage being inside or outside a user-defined range (configured via Z-Wave). This provides great flexibility for capturing events in a wide variety of applications. The trigger status of the input can be read via Z-WaveTM and/or can be automatically sent to a configured node, typically the Controller. In addition, a count of the trigger events that have occurred for each input channel are internally recorded (and stored in the ‘pulse count’) and are available to be read via Z-Wave. The current triggered/un-triggered status can also be read via Z-Wave. The SIG1 input can be associated with up to two other Z-WaveTM devices, such that an associated device will automatically turn on (or off) based on the occurrence of a trigger event. Finally, the analog input channels can be configured so that they periodically send the analog input level (not just trigger status) to up to two other associated nodes.

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OK, The MIMO product looks like a well engineered piece of hardware.

It’s just not for me in it’s current as sold and supported state. The product appears to me to have an intended audience or customer as the OEM system integrator, something that I am not.

It needs programming support to use, something I am not willing to learn how to do right now.

The fact is that I need to keep my IRIS replacement project moving, and I need devices that offer both hardware and software support by the manufacturer.

Because of this I have moved on. My need was for wired inputs to read contact closures, and there are other products that fit that need and offer manufacturer software support. I already ordered some replacements, and might come back to this later, but probably not.


What were the replacements?