Mimolite as digital input

I have a Mimolite device hooked up to my Honeywell alarm system. Used the bell connection as signal to activate the Mimolite. This all works. It communicate with Smartthings but it shows up as an indicator. When the Mimilite trigger shows active in smartthings. I can use this to trigger lights, but can not add it in the smartthings security system.
I want phone notification when the mimolite is triggered.
Can someone help me to make the Mimilite act as an input so it can be used in the security and notification part of the system?
I am not an programmer.

Did you hook up the connection to the Mimolite’s contact sensor terminals?

Also, what device handler are you using?

And, which mobile app - Classic or new app?

I hooked up the bell wires to the input. this works and the mimolite activates and shows up in smartthings.
Not using any device handler. not sure how to use one.
Mobile app is from Smartthings


Ok, that means it’s using the standard switch device handler if you didn’t install the handler recommended by Fortrezz, which means the contact sensor capabilities aren’t exposed. At least that’s my assumption. You can double check the device handler it is using by going to the IDE. If you’ve never used the IDE, I highly recommend you do because there’s a wealth of information in there for you. Try ide.smartthings.com or account.smartthings.com and use the same account info as you do with the mobile app.

If you did that, the contact sensor capabilities would be exposed and that contact sensor would then be available within ST’s security system (SmartThings Home Monitor).

Here are the instructions from Fortrezz on how to install and use their device handler:

SmartThings has two mobile apps. Classic and the “new” app. Everyone will eventually use the new app, and based upon your reply, I assume you’re using the new app. It looks like the logo for this community, except the background is white and the snowflake is blue. The Classic app is a blue circle.

If you configure your Mimolite to use Fortrezz’s DTH to get the contact sensor to show up, then more than likely you will not see that contact sensor in the mobile app. It’s still there, but the new app just can’t show it yet when you look at the device on your phone. If you use the Classic app, it will be there. Regardless, it’s the “capability” for the contact sensor you’re most interested in, and using Fortrezz’s device handler, or another custom handler, will work for what you’re trying to do.

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I got it copied and successfully published. However in the last step to select the Mimolite in the list of “Type” I can not find the Mimolite. Did I miss something?
There is only the Fortrezz water valve and the Mimolite garage door opener showing.


Look all the way down to the bottom of that list for Fortrezz Mimolite. All user/custom handlers show up at the very bottom. Can you check again?

Thanks soo much John! I got it working. the face plate looks as you showed it.
Thank you for your help.

Appreciate it …Hans

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Outstanding! You’re very welcome, glad to have helped.