Military time incorrect

Military time isn’t correctly displayed in iOS app.

It is 1417 in the afternoon, not 0217 in the morning . @nayelyz seems like it should be an easy fix for next app update?

Since the time has a PM, it’s not military time at all. It’s just displaying a standard 12 hour clock. It should roll over to AM at 12:01.

So it looks like a Settings error rather than an incorrect time. :thinking:


@eric182, please go to the Advanced users’ app > locations and see what the “Time zone ID shown” for your location is.


Wait, I thought the hours were different but the format is the one you’re referring to, I don’t see an option to configure the format of time in the app. I’ll check in the API

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Following up on this, it seems the device history shows the time in 12-hour format despite the mobile device’s configuration set to use 24-hour format.

The general history that you can see in Menu > History shows the time correctly. We’ll ask the engineering team about that because it happens on Android as well.
There’s an upcoming iOS update (the one for Android was released last week), so, if this requires an app update, it won’t be included in that one because that’s already wrapped up, this is to avoid confusion when it arrives.


02:17 PM is equal to 14:17 in the afternoon

02:17 AM would be in the morning.