Migration done, oh do I miss setting group times

I think of my devices in a hierarchy. After I migrated I can’t find a way to set times for Groups of devices. If I have five yard lights, I don’t want to manage 5 individual on and off times, I want to set a time for yard lights. Sounds like not a big deal, use sunset and Sunrise right? Well over the years it has had its reliability phases. Am I missing something?

Use a scene?

It’s not as good as a group because you have to have one scene for on and one scene for off but you can reuse the scenes in multiple time schedules or other triggers if that helps any.

And, yes, it’s weird that the new app doesn’t have group operations. :disappointed_relieved:

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Thank you. I will give this a try.

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Thank you that worked ok.

I also have a couple motion sensors I used to turn on at night only.
I can’t find motion sensors listed in scenes or automations and no timers show up under motion sense devices.

Any idea how to accomplish this?

Thanks for your help.