Sunset + minutes issue

Is there a bug in automations for setting an item to on at sunset plus x minutes delay ??

I have no other issues and sunset rise times are correct for UK, just cannot get a set of grouped lights to come on once a virtual device is triggered at sunset plus 15

JD, i am using classic for this automation, perhaps the connect section is the wrong place

You say you are using the Classic app, but what smartapp are you using? Smart Lighting? I’ve not heard of any issues but although I use sunset and sunrise with +/- delays they are all as constraints of motion triggers except for one that just switches a device off at sunrise + delay.

So is it the virtual device that isn’t being switched on?

I’m using a smart lighting automation
I have a group of lights that are switched on by a single virtual switch
The group should turn on when another switch is already on but only during certain times, in this case sunset + 10,

Totaly fails to work, i have an exact same automation for another set of grouped lights that has a time constraint , 3pm to 12am, that works without issue, it seems sunset is not recognised by the automation and causes it to fail