Microsoft's Magic Mirror and SmartThings?

Ok guys, my mission is simple. I want to get you guys excited about this project, so somebody can get integration with smartthings. I would love to see certain widgets from smartthings on the screen (but not like smarttiles). Something much cleaner, just like the picture below.


Are you implying that SmartTiles is dirty :wink:?

Seriously, though, I didn’t dig into this project too much yet, but with custom CSS, the SmartTiles framework could be a starting point. It depends on how many non-SmartThings widgets you wish to incorporate. Or even switch to Android and have hundreds of thousands of widgets available, including Sharp Tools…

I wonder what they used behind the mirror…the github says 23 inch screen…but that’s bigger for sure.

@ultrazero did something similar: Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas (edit: fixed link)

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They lost me at “Visual Studio” and that the web page is hosted on Azure platform.

Much rather see an integration into MagicMirror 2, plug-in architecture and runs locally on the Pi. Going to start building one in the next week or so, hoping to add a Smarttiles div in.