Microsoft to acquire GitHub

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(Kevin) #2

Conspiracy minds say that is why Samsung was in a hurry to get rid of GitHub links since they hate all things Apple and Microsoft :wink:


Any thoughts on whether or not this will have any impact (good or bad) on SmartThings or its users?

(Lee Florack) #4

Depending on how long it takes SmartThings to migrate everyone away from SmartThings Classic to the new SmartThings Connect, any potential impact of the change to GitHub’s ownership may not be for very long because use of GitHub for holding/distributing custom device handlers (DTH’s) and custom SmartApps is being depreciated.

(KL Forslund) #5

Samsung ditching GitHub just because MS owns it is an emotional response.

They have bigger problems they should be solving, than changing off of something that works because they don’t like the owner.

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You mean like how Google pulled youtube from Amazon devices? They have a long history of not liking each other.