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Hi Alex

I am just picking up on this - I have just had a new Screwfix flyer come through the door and this has shown the MiHome platform as being very interesting.

I see they have light switches and also double gang in wall sockets for only £20…


If this can integrate with ST this would make this quite a powerful, neat and competitive priced solution for most of us in the UK. But only if it can be controlled with ST, I know I can link it via IFTTT but this is often laggy…

With your smart app you say it may be easy to setup but realistically how easy is this?


Hi Jamie,

There is a documented API available, it’s just a case of finding the time to add this. Unfortunately I don’t have any MiHome switches, just the eTRVs but if there is enough interest, i can attempt to add this as part of the Mihome connect app.

As I have no devices to test, i will need to rely on other people to report and feedback if I implemented this functionality in the future.

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It’s worth noting Jamie that the wall sockets are ‘receive only’ so from my understanding, if you use them with either the mihome gateway or integrate with smartthings, you’d only be able to control them and wouldn’t be able to get the current status!

Add me to the interested list Alex. I have just started using your Hive and MiHome etrv apps (great job. thanks) and would be keen to see other MiHome products added.

That is interesting for safety I would want to know if it was on or off so lacking this ability is a bit of an oversight.

I’ll have to do some research.

There’s nothing that can be done as the technology used in MiHome is not stateful like z-wave or zigbee.

Are you sure if MiHome will not respond with correct state of sockets?
I can see the power state in api documentation


Whilst several of their products are one way (Control only) some like their eTRV’s and the Mi|Home Adapter Plus are two way.
According to the Mihome website
Mi|Home Adapter Plus
Product description
This product is a transmitter and receiver and therefore will let the user know when an action has been carried out and the current status of their device. It also provides for energy monitoring. Requires the Mi|Home Gateway.
So for anyone who already has the MiHome gateway for their eTRV’s these plugs are a reasonable option and with the API available would be feasible to add to SmartThings as @Alyc100 has done with his excellent eTRV DTH and Smartapp.

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Apologies for previous (now deleted) post about comfort plugs. I thought I was in the Smappee thread!

What a tit!

I have one of these on order https://www.amazon.co.uk/Energenie-MIHO025-Home-Light-Switch/dp/B01EY60ADM/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1478257221&sr=8-6&keywords=mihome+switch and it’s coming tonight, so let’s see what can be done.

Based on the API documentation, I think that these and the plug switches make the same API calls so hopefully the MiHome connect app will soon be able to support both in the upcoming weeks.

Ok, so working on an overhaul of the MiHome connect smart app at the moment and it appears only some switches can report a current switch state. Not sure which models can and can’t though. There is an API field “unknown_state” that returns “true” for devices that cannot report their state.

Anyone out there willing to be a guinea pig for the new app? As I have no MiHome plug sockets I am unable to do any real world testing.

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I have the following MiHome devices

Motion Sensor

Home Adapter

Adapter Plus

Energy Monitor

Home Multiplug

If I can be of any help please contact me.

Hi Alex.

I don’t use SmartThings, but do use MiHome eTRV’s and Energy Monitors. I would like to know if its possible to use the API to retrieve current temperatures of the eTRVS and store the in SQL somehow?


I have the eTRV;s and the MIHO005 Adapter Plus. The Adapter Plus is a Tx and Rx so does report it’s state and also it returns energy usage.

I would be very happy to help if I can. I do have some coding skills but limited as far as Groovy’s concerned.

Hope you can get more MiHome devices working.

Just uploaded the new MiHome integration. Please test away and send comments and feedback to the topic below.

I’m hoping to support multi socket devices but need to see some API responses. For those with these devices, within the SmartThings logs, can you paste the parts of the logs from the MiHome (Connect) smart app that start like this…

***DEVICE JSON for Garage - light: [timer3_on_time:null, timer2_friday:null, timer2_off_time:null, startup_

Just updated and all looks good apart from not finding my Adaptor Plus
Had to change line 276 from
else if (device.device_type == ‘ecalm’) {
else if (device.device_type == ‘control’) {

then it found the adaptor and added it OK and it seems to be working well.

Thanks for this Alex. Great job

Thanks Kevin. I will update this in the code asap. Also can you let me know whether the power information displays ?

I just came across this article - http://www.automatedhome.co.uk/new-products/energenie-mihome-adds-works-with-alexia-amazon-echo-support-to-nest-ifttt.html

and it says that they already did the work to integrate it with ST but they are waiting for Samsung.

Hoping they do plan to add the features soon as these devices are cheap and also available in a very thin market - UK.


I have the cheapest plugs, and ST does update with its state! :slight_smile:

I used the MI Home app to turn on my socket, launched ST app, and waited.
Sure enough when it polled, its now showing the adapter as on. Awesome :slight_smile:

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When / if this happens I imagine there will be a surge of purchases for these products. There’s a load of sockets and light switches on my shopping list… :slight_smile: