Mi Casa Verde Vera Lite as a Primary Controller, ST as a secondary

@csader, were you able to get the ST controller to work as a secondary to the vera?

@amunra333, I never got around to trying it. I had some Kwikset lock issues (probably unrelated) that I had to get a warranty replacement for, so I never got back to trying.

cant do changes to user codes in locks so far as far as I know, as don’t see any options in the app.

Being a Vera user and moving to ST, have realized a few things that are missed. Debating to move back to Vera unless see some major features coming soon.

One of my questions is what happens if the smart hub breaks or goes bad, it seems right now one has to remove all zwave devices and add again, it seemed to be different in Vera as could make a backup, correct me if wrong. Is there such a feature in smartthings where we can backup the setup? as would be challenging to add everything again.

As far as I know there is not a way to backup/restore device pairings on SmartThings. I’m a little surprised that this would be possible on Vera though as well. I’m not z-wave expert here, but wouldn’t a new Vera base have a different “electronic identity”? It seems that if a device was looking for a specific hub or controller that a new controller would (shouldn’t) be able to communicate with the device until it’s paired.

I wonder if the zwave network version matters.

Inside your Vera there is a Z-Wave chip which is upgradeable, meaning Vera can automatically load either the newer or older Z-Wave firmware into the chip. Z-Wave has its own firmware, separate from Vera’s firmware.
This means that its routing capabilities are improved and gives Vera the ability to optimize the Z-Wave network. This is particularly useful in a large and complex network with lots of Z-Wave devices.
As of version 3.20 Vera no longer supports inclusion controllers (ie SUC/SIS). This feature allowed you to add a secondary, handheld (USB) controller to the Z-Wave network, and then include additional Z-Wave nodes using this controller. We recommend new customers to always use the newer version of Z-Wave.

Newbie here. I currently have a simple Intermatic Home Settings (HA07)controller as my primary and it looks like I’ll need to change it to my secondary to be able to use my new ST system.

Why do you want to keep your Vera as a primary?
If I change mine to a secondary controller, will it still do what I have programmed into it?

My main reason for keeping my vera as a primary is being able to control personal codes on my schlage door locks. I also do a lot of internal (Lan based) communication between the vera and other devices in my house. Some people have said that when the ST is primary and a secondary controller makes changes to a switch state, the ST doesn’t always notice. Currently with my vera as primary and my ge remotes as secondaries I don’t have that problem.

Got it thanks Dan.


Wow I know it has been a while since many have checked out these instructions. I wanted to give those interested in integrating both Smartthings (ST) and Veralite (VL) with the latest 7.x software is working very well as a secondary controller.

Primary reason I’m doing this related mostly to picking up a Veralite resonantly when someone was sell 12 or so Zwave outlet and switch modules and his old controller nolonger using in his new apartment. For those who are still interested, went through the process of taking over control of his Veralite that I purchased, upgraded the software via Mi Casa Verda free technical support (they did most everything for me remote), and then followed the instructions here to begin linking my ST and VL. Secondary Controller options are pretty hidden on Smartthings, but once I found where you can set Veralite as secondary for my ST 1.0 recognized the addition and added the VL as any other device and interface.

Same problem as many others have mentioned, devices auto populate without names, but I was able to figure out what was what and make quick name adjustments. My VeraLite as secondary is almost instant for everything in my house…where ST can take sometimes a few seconds to a half a minute depending on how well my network or Amazon servers are running completing requests.

I’m also glad to see that the CA3500 Switches I unpaired from Veralite and added to ST are working perfectly though a little loud on/off switch wise. I’m not concerned about this and plan to place my more quite switches in the bedrooms and locations that needs friendlier dimmers and switches.

For those curious why I would even bother…mostly because SmartThings has been sucking wind lately and not responding. I’ve been in bed at 12:30 with my wife already asleep and unable to shutoff the bedroom light and otherwise forcing me to get up and hunt down the switch on the floor or outlet. Very annoying and I’m certain other people can relate.

I’m looking forward to seeing what can be accomplished with Veralite and one last note, someone mentioned not getting quick response for VL polling if switches are on or off. My unit and latest software is super quick and after the initial setup and configuration (takes a minute for VL to show status ‘States’ for devices…everything is working pretty flawlessly.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions and appreciate the help with my new/old setup. Sorli…

I just bought the ST v2. I am fed up with the need for online access.
I would like to add veraplus to my home.

should i make that primary and make the stv2 secondary (to allow for ECHO control of vera devices) or should I do it the other way around (ST primary and veraplus secondary)?

I want to allow my aeotec minimotes to work when the hub is offline (as my internet has been poor) and thus far, when the internet fails, my remotes are useless!


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ST v2 should help out exponentially with online access requirements required in V1 like I’m still using. I don’t own the newer ST version so looking foward to some feedback on how it works.

Either way, I pulled my Vera Lite offline since when running it as secondary my ST v1 and Vera Lite Secondary began to lose devices on both networks and my Zwave wall outlets status lights began to flash reporting a problem. Not sure what the lights flashing mean and haven’t tried to diagnose since the still work.

ST v1 would not allow my setup run as a secondary device and was forced to have Vera Lite take on this role since it is designed directly to provide this service. Would love to a ST option that can run asecondary, but not sure if Samsung even plans this ability now that they have v2 not requiring online access for all actions.

Also note, I recently upgraded one of my switches (100 and 1GB unmanaged) and my problems with ST v1 have subsided and am nolonger having issues with ST not responding and working when online. If my network Internet goes down, that is still a problems since v1 still requires Internet access to work and respond properly.

Think you only option is using ST v2 as primary and VL as secondary , but ST v2 may now support this configuration. Same problem with the Minimotes and mine also go down when Internet becomes spotty. Vera Lite does support Minimotes natively and after the long and extensive update that MicasaVerde technical support provided updating my devices software…things seemed to work work well for a while, but then I began losing devices and flashing status lights. Probably two separate issues, but I haven’t had time to diagnose and sorry I can’t provide any more feedback.

Please update if you:

  1. Get Vera Lite as primary and ST v2 as secondary
  2. If you have similar problems losing devices and outlets reporting problems flashing status lights
  3. or come up with better options .

I’m scheduled to move this summer and plan too re-evaluate my complete setup when I transition my hardware. If I figure things out…I’ll get back with everyone!

Thanks for the questions and feedback!


I just posted this in another thread, so you can read it there, but the V2 hub actually delivered very little local processing. Again, details in the other post.

And I don’t believe it changed anything with regard to secondary Z wave controllers.

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Thanks for the heads up and that’s really disappointing when it comes to ST v2 since I suspected that would resolve most issues with ST technology.

Appreciate the other link and reference and I’ll certainly check it out soon! Thanks again! Sorli…

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Has anyone had any luck. Looking to get my Amazon Echo to control my zwave network so I purchased a SmartThings hub in hopes of making it a secondary controller.


And it’s work ?

Vera Primary ST secondary ?